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Boiler Servicing Poulton

It’s very much up to you to decide how often you should get your boiler serviced. However, experts recommend that a boiler must be serviced at least once every 12 months to ensure that the efficiency of the appliance is maintained. Therefore, as much as you want to reduce your expenses, especially boiler-related expenses, boiler servicing isn’t something you can ignore. This is more important once a boiler has been in use for a few years.

Here are other services you may be interested in.

Boiler installation

Not everyone can install a boiler. Have you ever realized that only Gas Safe registered engineers should install and service boilers? In fact, the engineer should first show you the registration card as a proof that they have been certified by the relevant authorities. At Eco Efficient, we boast of highly trained engineers with in-depth knowledge of boilers.

Boiler repair

Our engineers can diagnose and fix any type of boiler issue. Whether it’s a boiler leaking water or unstable pressure, our engineers have the required expertise to fix such boiler problems. These individuals work around the clock to make sure that you neither lack hot water nor stay in a cold home.

Central heating installation

Installing a central heating system requires a high level of expertise. Besides, expert should be a Gas Safe registered engineer. This ensures that the system is perfectly installed. One thing you shouldn’t ignore is the fact that poor central heating installation is among the major cause of endless problems associated with central heating systems. At Eco Efficient, we will ensure that your system is perfectly installed.

Central heating repair

A central heating system is highly complex with different components. In some cases, these components are electrical and thus, messing up with them may compromise the functionality of other parts of the system. At Eco Efficient we boast of highly trained engineers who are good at repairing different central heating systems. They can spot any issue with the central heating system and correct it within the shortest time possible.

Gas and boiler leaks

The last thing you may want to think about is a leaky boiler. Though a boiler leaking water may not be a complicated boiler problem, it may be a symptom that something else is wrong with your boiler. A leaky boiler decreases the efficiency of the appliance and that means you will end up spending much money on boiler repairs and replacement of some of its parts.

Gas leaks are also dangerous. In addition to increasing the monthly heating expenses, gas leaks pose a great risk to your home. Note that, when exposed to spark or fire, natural gas explodes. Such explosions can claim lives and also destroy your home. Therefore, it’s advisable to contact Eco Efficient as soon as you realize that there is a gas leak in your home.

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