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Boiler Servicing Lytham St Annes

Most people get puzzled by boiler servicing; they think once you install a boiler, it should serve indefinitely! Others wonder what’s boiler servicing and why it’s important. There is a misconception that little is done during boiler servicing process and that’s work dreamed up by lazy Gas Safe engineers. If that’s what you believe in, then, you’re terribly wrong! Here are some proper answers given by Eco Efficient.

Boiler servicing involves cleaning, checking, testing, and pre-emptive fault-spotting. Our engineers carry out the boiler servicing procedure with emphasis on testing all the different functions of the boiler for perfect and safe operation. Therefore, once you hire us to service your boiler, you can be assured that we will carry out a highly comprehensive boiler checking and repair.

Here are the other services we provide.
Boiler installation

Given the harsh winter weather that most households in the United Kingdom face during the winter season, a boiler is an important part of a modern home. You need a functional boiler to keep your home warm and also get hot water at home. Unfortunately, a boiler isn’t a cheap investment. Therefore, for you to get the full value of your investment, you need professional boiler installation. Contact us and we will send our engineers to install the boiler perfectly.

Boiler repair

While regular boiler servicing enhances the efficiency of you boiler, that doesn’t mean that your boiler is immune to breakdowns. If you ever realize that your boiler is leaking water or the pressure is rising beyond the recommended level, it’s time to contact Eco Efficient. We have engineers with deep knowledge regarding boilers and can fix any boiler issue. This will ensure that you neither stay in a cold home nor lack continuous supply of hot water.

Central heating installation

Everyone wants a warm home. Achieving that objective without the right central heating is next to impossible. At Eco Efficient we help our clients install central heating system in a way that it heats up all the rooms in your home evenly and up to the required level. Our engineers will first inspect your home and decide the best location to install the central heating to make sure that it serves you best.

Central heating repair

Central heating repair should be done by an expert. According to the legal framework governing the domestic heating industry, only Gas Safe registered engineers should carry out such tasks. At Eco Efficient, we have met all the industry standards and also acquired all the necessary resources required to provide flawless central heating repair.

Gas and boiler leaks

Gas leaks pose a great danger to both your health and your home. Eco Efficient is dedicated to making sure that you prevent or deal with gas and boiler leaks appropriately. All you need to do is to contact whenever you need our help.

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